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2014 Cameleon Savagnin
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2014 Cameleon Savagnin

There is no name more fitting than the Caméléon for this intriguing wine.  Not everything is as it first seems…..

We are sure you have heard the story before but Savagnin came into the country in disguise as the Albarino variety and it was a number of years before the truth came out!  What a wonderful error this was.

As winemakers, the boys got to have a bit of fun making this wine with extended skin contact prior to fermentation.  A small portion was barrel fermented and matured prior to back blending before bottling.  All of this helped to produce a restrained wine style with an intriguing textural edge.

What do we eat with this?  Well, as real men don’t eat quiche, how about a zucchini and onion flan with a hand full of gruyere cheese through the recipe?