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2013 Ginger Rose Shiraz
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2013 Ginger Rose Shiraz

When I turned to Duane and said “What should I say about the wine named for my daughter?” his response was “Whatever it is, just be very wary of how you say it!”  Fair point. She is only eight but you can never be too careful.  So, here goes….. 

True to form, this a complex wine with a multitude of layers, structures & textures.  Every mouthful is an experience and constantly changing, demanding you pay attention to the most minute of details or flamboyant performances.  The wine wraps you in an embrace of flavour, structure and aromas that will continue to reward those that are patient, nurturing and love a good surprise!

As far as a food match goes something subtle but still packs a bit of a wallop would be appropriate.  We suggest a rolled Pork loin stuffed with wild mushrooms on bed of creamy garlic mash.  Serve with asparagus fried in bacon.