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2013 Hamish Shiraz
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2013 Hamish Shiraz

Our Hamish Shiraz sits on a pedestal here at Glandore and it is you guys that have put it there, not us!  Mind you, we certainly enjoy making it.

From each vintage we select the 10 best barrels of Shiraz to produce this superb wine.  As winemakers, this is an arduous task that we wouldn't wish upon anyone.  So much so, just reading about the process is sure to send you into fits of terror!

From over 100 barrels of Shiraz made here onsite each vintage we must taste each one.  Looking for 15 barrels that would possibly make the grade for Hamish. After we have found these 15 barrels we then whittle it down to 10 by blending the barrels in a multitude of different combinations to produce the finest varietal Shiraz that we can.  As you can possibly imagine this is no short process and can take a considerable number of days to achieve.

At the end of the day the Hamish Shiraz is a wine of intense flavours and aroma's.  Rich supple fruit and deft french oak handling give rise to wine of great complexity and intrigue.  It will enjoy being laid down in your cellar for a considerable period of time but will also reward those wish to enjoy it a little sooner.