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2013 DPJ Chardonnay
  • Price: AUD $35.00

2013 DPJ Chardonnay

The DPJ (named for the three original owners of Glandore) is a wonderfully complex and full bodied style of Chardonnay.  With some intense yet restrained winemaking utilised during the production, here is a wine for those that miss that older style of Chardonnay but also for those that are looking for something a touch more contemporary. 

The wine has a wonderfully complex nose full of the peach, melon and green apple characters we expect from great Chardonnay. Spice such as, nutmeg and clove from the oak also fill the nose and palette and help build the wine in the mouth. Picking early has given the palette a light mineral and citrus flavour along with the traditional Australian chardonnay flavours.

The wine is drinking extremely well now and will continue to for the next 4 to 6 years.