Want to find out just a little bit more about what we get up to here at Glandore? Well, here you can. Wander through our comings and goings as you learn more about Glandore, the people behind it and the bits and pieces that we find note worthy as we travel down the winemaking road.

September 2021 – Members Newsletter – A box of wine in the middle of madness! It’s all you really need! Have a browse through our latest Newsletter that went to all our members in their Cellarhands Spring Release. A tasty recipe from Wil&Sons Head Chef, Larry Woodcock matched to one of our wines should inspire you to get in the kitchen.

June 2021 – When there is smoke before the fire. – We were gearing up for the 2021 Burning of the Barrel and things were going pretty smoothly until it wasn’t. A near death experience had us running but it was the awesome family here at Glandore that pulled together at a desperate time of need.

May 2021 – Taking it to the top – What an amazing year we have had here at Cellar Door. Lockdowns, record numbers of visitors and trophies falling our way. We worked incredibly hard for everything that has come our way but sometimes the chips lay where they fall.

April 2021 – It ain’t over until it’s over….Vintage 2021It was a Fruit-fest at Glandore this year and we seriously needed it. Cellar door has been pumping and wines have been running out. Plus the Wine Club has grown massively. We need more wine! How did Vintage 2021 play out?

March 2021 – Members NewsletterIt’s good to be back. Vintage is in full swing and we have a tasty cocktail for you to try. Erin has also rejoined the team and a big announcement, the Burning of the Barrel is Back!

February 2021 – The Journey Experience the drive into our much famed Maluna Vineyard in the foothills of the Brokenback Mountain Range. 

September 2020 – Spring Newsletter – What a crazy year it has been so far! Are you still sane? It has been over the top here at the Cellar Door! So many people coming by and did you know we were named The Cellar Door of the Year? Massive news!!!

March 2020 – Members Newsletter – Catch up with all the comings and goings around the winery and Cellar Door over the past 6 months, meet the crew and get the low down on our winemaking secrets. What about all that smoke! Not good for winemaking.