2017 Regional Series Orange Pinot Grigio


Never made it before and we basically threw out the winemaking guide book to do it and to be honest, we are pretty happy with this little number. You may not know but Pinot Grigio is made from a red grape and we must remove all colour from the skins to make it look like this.

A subtle wine though aromas of lychee and pear can be enjoyed on the nose. As well as a bit of nutmeg spice from a couple of months in old French Oak towards the end. The mouth feel is generous with plenty of front and mid palate flavour whilst a grippy texture lingers to finish the wine.

Drink this wine in its youth to see it at its best. You could also pair it with a cold Summer rice salad with fresh olives, tomato, capers, tuna, cornichons and Spanish onion.

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Weight 1.25 kg