Black Label “Ward” Shiraz Cabernet 2014


Shiraz Cabernet is the blend that Australia gave to the wine drinking world.  Obviously, someone down the line decided that Shiraz could do with a bit of structure about it and possible refinement.  A typical bully boy, really.  And Cabernet had all the structure in the world but needed a bit of serious volume through the mid-palate.  So, Voila! Shiraz Cab was born and what a bloody brilliant idea that was.

Our 2013 Ward Shiraz Cabernet (named for a wonderful viticulturist who helped us quite a bit in the past) is balanced, shows beautiful clean fruit, great tannins and a long lingering finish.  This is a superb blend of the two varieties from Langhorne Creek and is a fantastic addition to our Black Label range.

If you’re looking for that perfect food accompaniment we suggest beef.  How ever you may like it is fine but Timm tried it with a Slow-braised beef brisket in Chinese Chu Hou sauce and said it was pretty good so give that a whirl

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Weight 1.25 kg