NV Blush Moscato


A wine for just the right occasion!

Moscato has taken Australia by storm in recent years and it is easy to see why.  Bursting with aroma, jam packed full of flavour and generous on the palate, our 2013 Blush Moscato is a glass full of sunshine!

We can hear the cries already…”Real men don’t eat quiche!”.  Sorry gents, that boat has sailed.  Men are drinking this faster than a hipster can style his beard!

Moscato is a wine that is best enjoyed in the best of company and, at the right time. Moscato is for sunny afternoons in the backyard sharing a cheese plate with some friends.  It’s a spicy Vietnamese stir fry that dances with the fiery heat of fresh chillies. It’s a wine style that screams friends, bbq’s and enjoying the uncomplicated parts of life.

On the other hand, the ladies are 100% behind this incredibly enjoyable style of wine and quite simply they just can’t get enough of the stuff….if you know what I mean!



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Weight 1.25 kg