Regional Series Nebbiolo Hilltops 2018


This is a wine that lives by the old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.
Nebbiolo is a thick-skinned grape variety and while the colour in the glass is a bright cherry red, it is translucent. You can see right through it. However, lurking in these thick skins are tannins and these give the wine its fantastic structure.
The wine is light to medium bodied on the palate with sweet fruits of cherries and blueberries. On the palate and behind the fruit are the tannins, and while some deft winemaking techniques have softened and reduced the intensity of these, they are still there. Combine this with a crunchy acidity giving the wine length and you have a wine screaming out for a protein laden dish to suit.
Protein doesn’t always have to be a cut of meat. Grab a timber board, add rich pork sausage, creamy prosciutto, fresh burrata, a slice of pecorino, a few chestnuts and a handful of olives. Buon Appetito.